Your Spotify artist profile is one of the main channels that your listeners use to interact with your music and your brand. It’s not enough just setting one up, you want to optimize it and make the most of all the functionalities an artist profile has to offer you.

Going that extra mile to make your profile look slick will be a big help in both getting more streams and more followers.

If you haven’t already got an Artist profile on Spotify, go to and claim your profile now!

Here are 5 tips for making the most of your artist profile.

Tip 1: Personalize Your Profile

Treat your artist profile like your second home, so make it your own!

Start by adding a compelling artist bio. This is the ideal place to share your journey as an artist – your achievements, your roots, your inspirations infused with an essence of who you are.

Next, move on to customizing your artist profile images. You get to upload one for your display picture and one for your background banner.

You want these to pop and really show your personality.

Make sure you upload a high-resolution image.

Tip 2: Create Playlists & Share Them

Whether it’s a playlist of artists that inspire you or just a selection of songs that you listen to, regularly updating and sharing your playlists is one of the best ways to direct attention to your music and grow your fan-base.

All these people who have followed my playlist have become fans of my music.

Tip 3: Share Your Profile EVERYWHERE

Spotify makes it really easy for you to share your artist profile pretty much everywhere.

If you have an impressive website or a big social media following, you should 100% be sharing your Spotify profile across your channels.

This helps you get your music heard. Whenever you release a new song or playlist, hit that share button.

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